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No other '90s rap crew quite mastered the mad face like Onyx did — they even wrote a song about it. Plenty of crews looked hard but Sticky Fingaz, Fredro Starr, and Sonny Seeza were never so interested in appearing ice cold as they were connoting a general vibe of burn-your-whole-house-down fervor. Which is why it makes us happy to discover, that even as those men enter their 40s, they've still got it. The previously pretty dormant group (there was the A$AP Ferg Trap Lord cameo) released a brand new song earlier this week, and now there's a video to go with. The Home Run-directed clip for "Wakedafucup" (also the title of a forthcoming album) features Dutch guests Dope D.O.D., who seem to have "crazy face" down to a science and seem to have no problem rapping some really terrible things.

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